Welcome to Video-Based Learning Community

To use the VBLC services, staff members need to apply for a VBLC account by sending a request to LTTC through lttc@eduhk.hk.

Enquiries about passwords are to be handled during office hours. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Click here to get the VBLC User Guide.

In the digital era, sharing of digital media becomes a common practice among netizens of the 21st Century. The popularity of viewing and publishing digital videos on YouTube has risen phenomenally since its founding in 2005. This well illustrates the power of using videos as a tool for communication or presentation, when shooting a video clip with a smartphone is perhaps simpler then writing a paragraph with a ballpoint pen.

In launching this pilot VBLC project, our Centre is exploring the potential usages of digital videos by staff and students in enhancing teaching and learning. We aim at developing a user-friendly web-based platform for one-stop-service of managing, editing, and sharing videos in teaching and learning. In the long run, members of the VBLC would be able to review, comment, or reflect upon the shared videos, thereby contributing to the co-construction of knowledge in a professional learning community.